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Fundamentally Change The Way You Support Your Clients.


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Benefit from teachings that have helped 1000s of people in over 24 countries

August 8-10th, online workshop & …. at pm CEST (Europe)

"This has been massive for me. I'm not responsible to fix anyone. When you hold space and trust the Soul-based Coaching process then shift just happens." 

-Maria Jordan

Take Your People Through Powerful Transformation


You help people create change and sometimes the results are stellar. But also, sometimes, the results are not what you know they could be - and you can't quite put your finger on what causes the difference. With our tested and proven method, you ensure your clients experience a new way of being and change that feels easy to create.

This method, until now, has been exclusively taught to our students:

  • ¬†we bring together¬†25 years of experience, teaching over 3500 coaches, therapists and healers, and¬†over 25 years of our own personal and spiritual development,
  • and¬†show how ancient spiritual wisdom corresponds with¬†both cutting edge coaching techniques as well as recent findings in neuroscience.


In this Masterclass we share… 


The core practices that you need to invite the deep wisdom of your client’s body and soul into your work for powerful, embodied, lasting change:

... We start with the foundation. The neurobiological state that helps clients tap into their innate capacity for healing and change: Restorative Embodied Self-Awareness (RESA) - the holy grail for embodied, sustainable change

... How you can train your ability to access this state yourself, and why this is essential for your client’s success

... How to direct your client’s attention in a way that keeps the magic happening and alive (experts say this can’t be done, but we see it happen every time)

... Our secret pathway for success: the deep change magic of client-generated metaphor

... And what NOT to do, so you don’t inadvertently hinder your client’s process


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Your teachers

Annemiek van Helsdingen is the Founder & CEO of the Academy for Soul-based Coaching. As a coach of 25 yrs with 18 years experience of training coaches, she blended the finest of her professional skills with the core tools of her Priestess path to create a robust, proven and very powerful change modality. Soul-based Coaching is free of dogma and supports clients to tap into their deepest knowing and their innate capacity to make change happen. It’s been described as akin to shamanic journeying, but with very practical, real-life results.


Today, the Academy, its trainer team and the coaches we trained have touched 1000s of lives around the world. Wren Bliss is one of our core trainers and is teaching this Masterclass with Annemiek.


This is your chance to learn from the masters!

Annemiek’s skills & experience in coaching is powerful, moving and focused. Truly life changing work.

-Marissa Loewen


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  • Preparation video with the biological and neuroscience theory, so that you can come prepared and go back to it when you want to.
  • A recorded¬†energetic practice that helps you access RESA yourself as part of your coach development
  • Practice cutting-edge coaching techniques that invite people's¬†deep knowing and activate their inner capacity for healing and change.
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This absolutely ticks the boxes for me 

It ticks the boxes in terms of where I am on the inside, and how I want to connect with others on the outside. Thank you for this absolutely amazing training. It has given me an opportunity to blend the skills that I’ve learned over 30 years as a social worker with new skills that give another layer of satisfaction for my soul.

- Haneefah Muhammad

I gained so much clarity on how to structure my sessions

Being part of this felt like HOME! Through this feminine approach I gained so much clarity on how I wanted to structure my coaching sessions. Not only did It give me the framework I needed, it also allowed me to really put words to how I want to serve and empower other women. I truly and strongly believe that we hold everything we need inside and all of our answers are there waiting to be uncovered. The Activate course taught me exactly how to navigate it.

 - Brandi Blomquist 

In case you are wondering:  Why Soul?


Soul is our incarnated spiritual self - the part that has become flesh & bones.

Soul gives us direct access to Source and the wider field of consciousness that includes and transcends our natural world. It encompasses the full experience of being whole, unbroken, at home. Soul has access to far more information than our minds do. And our Soul is directly linked to our body, and all the experiences that are stored in our cells, even spanning back generations through our DNA and family history. 

Soul is often seen as ‚Äėwoo‚Äô, as airy-fairy. But it is our most life-giving, essential self. It has powerful capacity for helping us tap into our own capacity for profound healing. And it is very clear in its guidance.


Maybe the question is: why not soul?


Because trying to make lasting changes without the help of the impulse that creates us in each and every moment, is like missing the engine to a Formula 1 race car, or tracking through breathtakingly beautiful mountains with a blind fold on. Life becomes a lot harder than it needs to be, and we miss our greatest powers.


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More nourished, refreshed and better equipped

Coming together, holding space for each other and practicing coaching the soul-based way is like rivers coming together in a deep ocean of wisdom and support where we each come out more nourished, refreshed and better equipped".

- Erika Maizi, Certified Soul-based Coach