Activate the Power of Soul-based Change


and see your clients thrive,
even in these wildly changing times.


Skills development course for coaches, healers & therapists 

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Powerful coaching skills to help your clients

birth their better futures ~ in co-creation with life itself

“I’m an intuitive guide and just finished a different year long coaching program, but hadn’t started coaching yet. It didn’t feel right. This course has been a game changer, because it fits with who I am. And I’ve honestly had the biggest shift I’ve had in years, allowing me to create space for me to really be guided by my soul. It has opened up my dream life and I am so excited!”  

- Julliette Reynolds, Intuitive Guide

I’m blown away by the incredible transformation I am noticing in my own body and being and I am very impressed with the results I am getting using what I learned in my work as a therapist.”

- Aneesa V., Therapist

Feel confident in your ability to
help your clients tap

into their deepest knowing –
with lasting, embodied change as the result!

You know what it means
to surf the deeper currents of life

Like us, you have met life’s delicious reality and it's brutality. You have come through dark nights of the soul, bruised and battered - but fully alive.

You dance, sit in ceremony or LOVE ritual where you taste the depths of creation.

And you know that most coaching does not come within a million miles of that. Coaching usually barely scratches the surface of what you know is possible for people who touch the layers of the mystery.

Especially now that we see the world changing rapidly, and in unpredictable ways.

These times call for skills & tools that work with the mystery.


You know that to work with these layers,
you need a new approach,
proven and in-depth,
that makes your heart & soul sing.

You are done tolerating that your work doesn't accomplish this for your client's yet. You long to live and work in alignment with your Soul’s deepest knowing: that Life’s mysteries live inside and work through all of us.

You want to get to the layer where the true power of your clients originates.


Not having this as the foundation in your work
just feels pointless!


Because you want deeper and more aligned results for your clients.

Lasting, embodied change fuelled from within.

And you want to work in full integrity with yourself.


Life is too short and valuable to do anything else.


If you want the skills to bring this powerful layer of transformation in your current work, this course is for you.

What we offer you:

We are breaking the conventional coaching paradigm that operates from the mind (and if you are lucky, the body and heart)
. We step outside of what is familiar, into the deepest intelligence available to our clients, their internal impulse to thrive, their pulse of life.

What you will find is:

  • Phenomenal client results that are grounded and embodied.
  • A freedom beyond anything you can imagine for yourself and your clients.
  • Solid, dependable processes that you and your clients can lean into.
  • A deep letting go of responsibilities to make things okay for others.
  • Exquisite understanding of boundaries and how they can serve the coaching process.
  • Deep trust in life and your client's ability to navigate life.
  • And the full-body relief of working in integrity with your soul’s knowing.

Because we go beyond the current coaching paradigms, these results are yours no matter if you are highly trained and have multiple coaching or therapy certifications, or if you trained yourself in your healing craft through experience.

(Even when you are freshly called to coaching or healing as a possible profession, you can start to see life-changing results when you support people with what you learn in this course. But this is not coach training, check out our year-long certification program if you want a fully rounded coach education).

I want to join!
It felt like a lifetime in terms of the shifts that happened 
"I thought I wanted to be a coach. But I had issues with a lot of how coaching worked, especially with the idea of a coach, knowing better than the client. And I joined, because I wanted to see whether soul based coaching was my modality.
The course was just amazing. It was only eight weeks, but it felt like a lifetime in terms of the shifts that happened for me. There was a lot of skill building skills building as well, but for me, the biggest thing was really leaning into the holding space and realising how much actually happens."   ~  Véronique van Gelderen 

Transformative for me personally and as a life coach

I gained additional perspective on the range of possibilities for coaching as a profession. And I realised that coaching can be yet another way to apply a spiritual outlook on life to build a better world. And the community I found here has been inspiring and a great pleasure to work with and learn from!

- Eric L. Hicks, Sr., Life Coach

This is a masterfully created safe container that encourages depth and a knowing of ourselves. I learned how to hold space so that it allows people to access their deepest wisdom, and experience more freedom and aliveness in all areas of their lives. The group became so close that it gave me lasting friendships. This is a way of coaching that will be with me for life! I recommend this course for anyone who wants to be a facilitator of change. What a refreshing way of being in the world!

- Stacey S.

Your guides: Sigrun Saunderson & Wren Bliss

The Academy for Soul-based Coaching is training coaches in 25 countries (and counting), and we see our coaches and clients blossom in so many ways… And Sigrun and Wren are our lead trainers: coaching participants, teaching courses and hosting circles. You won't find a better team around.

We are so happy that we can offer you this opportunity to learn and grow in your capacities as a healer and helper – no matter what you do in your daily life at the moment. We will dive deeply with ease and fun.

Guest teaching: Annemiek van Helsdingen, Founder of the Academy

“It makes me so happy to see people step into their own soul-knowing. Because when you do, life will never be the same!

I speak from my own experience, going from a burned-out corporate executive coach, who never had energy and time for anything but work – all those years ago…

… to feeling deeply fulfilled now, offering my clients what I live myself: a deep trust in life’s unfolding and our own abilities to ride the waves.

I am rooted in my soul-knowing, and I know how to listen to its guidance. My connection with Source, as a spiritual midwife, is growing and growing. And that is a huge reward in itself.

And then of course, there is earning money and supporting my family with work I don’t just believe in, but LOVE DOING!!!

Your journey with Sigrun & Wren will help you take your next step towards the work and life you long for.”

I felt I wasn’t ‘there yet’ and I felt restless in my coaching practice. 

These 8-weeks truly enriched and nourished me in a compassionate and subtle approach. Far from other coaching approaches I have learned, it is different and so needed. I highly recommend this course for coaches, healers and anyone working in the helping profession. The embodied experience stays and radiates beautiful rays of energy that the world needs and craves. And I can fully give now because I have replenished myself. I am really happy I took this course.

- Sharifah Raudhah Alqudsy, leadership coach

My learning has been put to the test

I feel very grateful for the ways you interpreted and explained everything. Meandering into yin zone has been enlightening and revealing of self perception, of vibration and of source. And after a year, the training that I received in Soul-based Coaching, particularly the deep listening, has been put to the test in my pastoral and spiritual care for people in retirement as well as in psychiatric wards and I am very grateful for the scope it has given me in my role. 

Rev. Roland Lee, Interfaith Minister

Activate the Power of Soul-based Change

and see people thrive,
even in these wildly changing times.

Included in the course:


  • Eight live online sessions where you get to master the foundational skills of Soul-based Coaching 
  • All training videos and learning materials you need
  • A private FB group for your questions and explorations
  • Practice sessions with course participants
  • Direct support from Wren, Sigrun and Annemiek in your dedicated FB group

Please note:

We know life happens, and you might have to miss a session. This is why we have replays of the live sessions for you. But they are no substitute to attending live! 

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The Soul-based Coaching Retreat: Ride the Dragon - The five essential practices
for 2024 and beyond, (recorded). Valued at €123

Mondays at 4 – 5.30 pm CEST 

September: 23rd, 30th
October: 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th
November: 11th, 18th  


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We no longer charge extra for payment plans, because they place extra burden on people with less access to resources. We are however a small organisation and it makes a big difference for our financial well-being to receive payment in full, so that we can meet our financial obligations when they arise. So we kindly ask you to pay in full when you are able to.

The Program Content

Activate The Power of Soul-based Change

Workshop 1

A sacred container for your work: Holding space

Everything starts here.

No need to start pushing or pulling. This is 100% about allowing, and it’s what invokes the fertile soil for what wants to come forward, be seen and healed…

Workshop 2

Inviting the flow of your client’s soul-knowing

If you do what you have been taught before, you easily miss out on this.

Your clients come with their own access to everything they need. And it’s time to invite that in.

Workshop 3

Opening the doorway into soul-based change

I can’t wait for you to discover this secret gateway.

After this workshop, you will see how it shows up in just about every conversation – and you will know how to start tapping into its powers!

Workshop 4

Helping your client find their gold

You DO NOT want to limit your clients by your own perspective, and experience. No matter how ‘evolved’ you are.

This work is SO needed in our world because we need everyone to tap into the NEW that wants to be born through them.

Workshop 5

Riding the waves of Shakti

Life is not lineair – no matter how much we would love that sense of clarity.

Learn how to hold a firm river bed for your clients’ process while allowing the ups and downs, the twists and turns that are natural, to come through.

Workshop 6

Bringing it all together in your work

You will have started to use the skills & insights of the course in your work and your life. Let’s strengthen your ability to make the most of it.

Can you hear it yet, the relief your people will be sharing with you once they start unlocking their own magic?


2 Integration weeks – focus on practice

and applying what you learn in your current work or life situation, so that the skills you learn can start to have impact they are meant to have.

Your results 


🌿   You will be able to ask the questions
that open client’s soul-knowing
🌿   You will Hold Space for the Changes
that WANT to happen
🌿   You will ignite Soul-based Change Magic 
for the people you want to support. 

So that you completely change
the way you can work with people.
And never look back. 

The freedom you will find, the joy that comes in?

Your clients will love it.

And so will you.


If you have questions, let us help you discover if this is right for you: book your call here.

My patients don’t want my solutions – they want healing 

“I now know how to open the field for transformation with my medical clients, and no longer feel that they want me to give them a solution. It gives so much relief! I’m thankful every day.” 

- Dr. Monika Lucia Steiner-März

No pushing – which makes everything possible

“Often coaching pushes me in a direction I don’t feel is right. This doesn’t. It is a safe space, loving, and accepting everything. And that opens it all up.”

- Maria Muster

This is for YOU if:


🌿   You work with people in some healing or development capacity –

(or want to finally act on that longing)

🌿   You have been on your own road of healing, growth and spiritual development, and you are eager to continue

🌿   You are looking for a dependable, proven modality to help your clients make changes in their lives

🌿   You can join us live for the workshops. Replays are available, but they are no substitute for being with us live! You only build coaching skills by practising them. 

🌿   You have been waiting for your chance to get your Soul-based Coaching journey started!!

Mondays at 4 – 5.30 pm CEST 

September: 23rd, 30th
October: 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th
November: 11th, 18th  


Your Investment


or 3 payments of


Your Payment Plan option » Your Pay in Full option »

We no longer charge extra for payment plans, because they place extra burden on people with less access to resources. We are however a small organisation and it makes a big difference for our financial well-being to receive payment in full, so that we can meet our financial obligations when they arise. So we kindly ask you to pay in full when you are able to.

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