How to Hold Space 


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We need this skill to become second nature

"I so appreciate this book. You have put into words so eloquently what I have been learning to integrate into my own life and work practice. I have found this to be the clearest and most well put together offering on the topic I have read. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, we so need this gift in the wider world and to allow this skill to become second nature."
Denise Daffara


I am sharing this with my community!

"Thank you so very much! I hold space every day for my clients, my beloveds and certainly my children. Some days are filled with all the magic that holding good space can open and others not as much. I adore all of the beautiful detail that you articulated around art of holding space, all that it is, what it isn’t, the practices of staying present to the magic of the process and trusting it’s unfolding. So beautifully done. I am sharing with the coaches that I coach and my community of coach-sisters as well." 

Mariah Soloy Belt

Conscious Mothering Guide

Holding space is a super power.

Let's make sure you have what you need to make it fully work for you.


Annemiek van Helsdingen

I am Annemiek van Helsdingen. Founder of the Academy for Soul-based Coaching.

I teach coaches & healers to invoke their client’s magic so their clients transform with ease.

What I offer comes from:

  • 47+ years of being me. My deep roots in the Sacred Feminine.
  • 14 years of facilitating change in organisations. 
  • 22 years of coaching. 
  • 13 years of teaching coaches & healers. 
  • 9 years of being a mum.
  • Countless years of being a friend and life partner. 
  • 23 years of offering myself as a trained healer.
  • Years of training.
  • But mostly, it comes from life times of practising – and counting 🙂

Devoted to the beauty in our humanity and the power we have to create a better world. It’s up to all of us. Lover of strawberries. And apple pie. My husband. Our daughter. And much more.

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The 6 guidelines of Holding Space, so that you can offer healing & transformation with ease