Welcome to The Invoke Playground!


Where we are co-creating a community that is as yummy as Invoke,

where we can show up as we are, don't hold ourselves back,

and PLAY together

to support our wellbeing,

our coaching craft and our Soul's work!!!

It's time to stop doing it all by ourselves and create a new paradigm community that¬†matches our new paradigm coaching tools¬† ūüėÉ


(photo from our YUM live SBC Immersion in 2024!) 

What happens in the Playground?


This is YOUR space. OUR space. Super nourishing to be in. With like-minded people - who get this medicine. Where we know we can just show up as we are, and PLAY together, in ways that support our well-being, our coaching and our Soul's work!


Regular meetups to connect and grow your skills:

ūüĆļ¬† Annemiek¬†facilitates¬†a¬†monthly playground session on Monday's 19.30 pm CE(S)T for:
* Coach the coach: a coach (you?) coaching, with support in-the-moment, while the rest of the group gets to observe and ask questions afterwards
* Practice & Feedback sessions
* Ask me anything sessions
* Season's Circles

ūüĆļ¬† New content and skills deepening for both coaching and biz with Annemiek 4 yearly sessions on Thursdays at 16.30 pm CE(S)T. The first of these sessions was: The Neuroscience of Change - Skills Deepening Session (replay available inside The Playground)

ūüĆļ¬† The freedom to offer your meetups¬†- to test, explore, study, practice - and invite the other Playgrounders and even people from outside Invoke. No obligations or expectations, just a space to use when you feel inspired.¬†To give you a taste of¬†what participants have created in The Playground before:¬†Art hour, Study Together - analyse a transcript of James & Penny, Space Explorer, Tea Time Treasures, Coaching Exchange, Stone & Pine - Grounding and Clearing Meditation, Working as a Coach - How to connect with my people? Discover Your Unique Weave of the Five Elements and much more.

ūüĆļ¬† The Playground also offers an online space where you can share about your noticing, ask your questions and get feedback from Annemiek and the community at any time, making sure that you always have back-up in your coaching work and your business building.

ūüĆļ¬†¬†Access to all previous recordings!



Would you like to weave SBC magic with us?

We would love to welcome you! 



We create this playground together with the people that, like us, light up every time we get to do this work!!


Join The Invoke Playground

Your SBC buffet of fun, support & growth

Join all the sessions hosted in the Playground that call you, or access the recordings in your own time.

Host sessions yourself when you feel inspired!

Sessions are hosted for various timezones throughout each month.

You can choose to pay yearly or monthly for your annual membership in The Playground.


Are you in?

We would love to PLAY with you...!


Yearly Payment

‚ā¨ 399

Join us!

Monthly Payment

‚ā¨ 34

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As Playground member you also receive special pricing for other Academy offers like personal supervision sessions, our community retreat, our in person Coach-the-Coach Retreat in Portugal 2025 and who knows what else… We LOVE the idea that we serve the potential of this work together. We are NOT meant to go at it alone in life. The same is true for our professional lives.


Some questions you may have

Of course, tell us if yours isn't answered here yet!