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Boundary magic in Coaching 


How you can embody exquisite boundaries, up-level your skills, and invite change from within for the people you support.

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  ~ This masterclass was recorded in September 2023 ~

For coaches, healers and everyone supporting others through the rough patches of life - benefit from teachings that have helped 1000s of people worldwide.

Benefit from teachings that have helped 1000s of people in over 24 countries

August 8-10th, online workshop & …. at pm CEST (Europe)

"This has been massive for me. I'm not responsible to fix anyone. When you hold space and trust the Soul-based Coaching process then shift just happens." 

-Maria Jordan

You know that boundaries matter.


Of course you have worked on your personal and professional boundaries over the course of your life. But some of these issues are sticky, and also, as you up-level, new boundary issues tend to pop up.

Do you sometimes wonder if they get in the way of your well-being - or your effectiveness in supporting people - without that being your intention? 

Is it time to fine-tune your boundary skills? 


Seventeen years of training coaches has shown me that you do yourself a deep favour by fine-tuning your boundaries regularly. Not just because it’s the professional thing to do: 


Exquisite coaching boundaries pave the way for magical, self-propelled change for your clients. Change that is embodied and powerful, and that could not have happened otherwise!

I want exquisite boundaries

In this Masterclass we share… 


… the known and unknown dynamics that cause entanglement and energy leaks when we support others, and that get in the way of the results that are possible

… how to stop yourself from overgiving to people and clients, so you easily know when enough is enough, and you no longer take your their stuff home with you

… how you can activate strong energetic personal boundaries (which of course will do much more than just uplevel client work)

And, the biggest shift of all:

… how to use crystal clear boundaries within conversations, so that you can invite the magic of inevitable, self-propelled change for the people you support.

This is what will also elevate client work from ‚Äėokay‚Äô to embodied and powerful change.



Recorded live on September 6th

  • Two short preparation videos that go into what boundaries are, and how they serve best in the field of coaching.
  • Two energetic practices that help you recognise how you relate to your boundaries, and help clarify and strengthen your boundaries in a coaching session
  • Practical skills that quickly elevate your ability to support people, both because you hold better boundaries, but also because those boundaries greatly improve your client's chances on lasting, embodied change.
  • Get access for a full year!
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This absolutely ticks the boxes for me 

It ticks the boxes in terms of where I am on the inside, and how I want to connect with others on the outside. Thank you for this absolutely amazing training. It has given me an opportunity to blend the skills that I’ve learned over 30 years as a social worker with new skills that give another layer of satisfaction for my soul.

- Haneefah Muhammad

I gained so much clarity on how to structure my sessions

Being part of this felt like HOME! Through this feminine approach I gained so much clarity on how I wanted to structure my coaching sessions. Not only did It give me the framework I needed, it also allowed me to really put words to how I want to serve and empower other women. I truly and strongly believe that we hold everything we need inside and all of our answers are there waiting to be uncovered. The feminine in Coaching course taught me exactly how to navigate it.

 - Brandi Blomquist 




Your teachers

Annemiek van Helsdingen is the Founder & CEO of the Academy for Soul-based Coaching. As a coach of 25 yrs with 17 years experience of training coaches, she blended the finest of her professional skills with the core tools of her Priestess path to create a robust, proven and very powerful change modality. Soul-based Coaching is free of dogma and supports clients to tap into their deepest knowing and their innate capacity to make change happen. It’s been described as akin to shamanic journeying, but with very practical, real-life results.


Today, the Academy, its trainer team and the coaches we trained have touched 1000s of lives around the world. Wren Bliss is one of our core trainers and is teaching this Masterclass with Annemiek.


More nourished, refreshed and better equipped

Coming together, holding space for each other and practicing coaching the soul-based way is like rivers coming together in a deep ocean of wisdom and support where we each come out more nourished, refreshed and better equipped".

- Erika Maizi, Certified Soul-based Coach