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Honing your particular craft - as a coach, therapist, healer - is important. 

But how you show up is what determines the power of your work.


For the first time, Annemiek van Helsdingen,
is sharing the practices that will elevate the power of your work
to that of the most powerful practitioners.


She will help you:


Assess your practices for self soothing, self care and community care - there is no skipping the basics

Find out how you can determine if your current practices are effective, without adding more to your to-do list or wanting to fix things with more baths or meditation. Create a nourishing foundation that whole-heartedly supports your well-being, and gives you wings for the other practices:


Develop Restorative Embodied Self-Awareness

A powerful practice that helps you develop a level of self-awareness that brings you nervous system restoration AND enhances your ability to invite healing and change for clients.

You may have heard: ‘the modality doesn’t matter; it is the connection between client and practitioner that defines the results?’ This is why. And Annemiek will show you how to develop the skillset that makes it possible so that every session can bring the depth of transformation that you want for your clients.


Learn to Be At the Edge of Creation instead of Chasing Change

Annemiek will share a second powerful energetic practice that amplifies your ability to invite emergent change. Change that happens in the moment, seemingly by itself - yet very reliably. So that there is no more chasing possible solutions in sessions by you or your client. Developing these muscles makes your life and your clients' lives much easier.

For every coach, therapist, healer or practitioner-to-be
who is serious about the impact of their work.

You don't have to be a coach or healer yet to start practicing these skills. But if you are, you will see the effect in your client sessions straight away.

Your guide: Annemiek van Helsdingen, Founder of the Academy

"Over the past 18 years of training coaches to various levels of Mastery, I've seen that there is a set of inner skills that set the truly powerful practitioners apart from the rest. 

These skills are usually developed as a by-product of a coach's or therapist's training - if you are lucky like that. But I've also seen that from the Soul-based Coaching lens, we can just teach them. Or rather, we can teach you the practices that you need to develop these skills.

So no more hoping the quarter is going to drop at some point and you'll wake up completely powerful and confident, but diving straight into the juicy parts. 

The practices I am sharing are no substitute for a coaching, therapy or healing modality, but they enhance and elevate what your clients are able to achieve. And they make your life easier in the way that a very solid meditation practice makes your life easier too."


Annemiek is a long-time executive and life coach, as well as a long-time trainer and supervisor of coaches. She and her team at the Academy for Soul-based Coaching have trained 1000s of coaches, therapists and healers around the world. 


This Masterclass consists of:


90 min of live-taught energetic practices

that you won't find anywhere else

and that help you develop the awareness

and inner perspectives that bring

the power that you want to your work.


Plus the resources that you need

to continuously deepen your development.

This isn't a one-time quick fix,

they are called practices for a reason :)


Cultivate the mastery of self and client connection 
that has a profound impact
on your results and your well-being.



Your investment: €123


 This Masterclass was recorded on May 23rd, 2023. This is energetic work, not bound by time and space, and this potent container is waiting for you right now. 

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Soul-based Coaching has given me an essential tool that guides and supports the depth of work I was longing to offer my clients.
- Laura Gasparrini, MA, Clinical Psychology

It felt like a lifetime in terms of the shifts that happened 
"I thought I wanted to be a coach. But I had issues with a lot of how coaching worked, especially with the idea of a coach, knowing better than the client. And I joined, because I wanted to see whether Soul-based coaching was my modality.
The course was just amazing. It was only eight weeks, but it felt like a lifetime in terms of the shifts that happened for me. There was a lot of skill building skills building as well, but for me, the biggest thing was really leaning into the holding space and realising how much actually happens."   
~  Véronique van Gelderen about our 8 week program Activate the Power of Soul-based Change

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